Wildcat Stream Team #3714

A stream team partner since 2008.

With Shoal Creek as a vital resource that flows through Wildcat Park, we knew from the beginning that aquatic ecology and taking care of our water resources would be an integral part of the Center’s activities. Staff and volunteers received training and supplies from the Missouri Stream Team program, and in 2008 we formed Wildcat Stream Team, #3714.

Missouri Stream Team performing water quality testing on Shoal Creek.

Our team actively monitors the health of Shoal Creek and Silver Creek in four different sites. We perform biological, physical, and chemical monitoring.  For a look at our data, please visit the following web site:

Other activities of the team involve assisting with education programs for groups and the general public, and the annual Shoal Creek Water Festival.  We have also marked storm drains, planted rain gardens, and conduct litter clean-ups at least once a year.

Missouri Stream Team clean up day.

Our data submitter and Center education director, Chris Pistole, received a 2013 Stream Team Ambassador Award for outstanding service to Missouri’s streams and rivers.

Healthy streams not only benefit humans, but also countless birds and other wildlife!