Programs & Events

Preschool Programs

Believing that an awareness of nature should begin as early as possible, the Center offers a variety of preschool programs for children 3-6 years old.

Our programs incorporate seasonal themes to help develop a child’s ability to make simple associations with things found in nature, to participate successfully in cooperative play and learning, and to help a child develop motor skills though games and role playing.

The hour-long program is typically held on the 2nd Saturday of each month at the Center, may incorporate live animals, nature artifacts, stories, puppets, imaginative play, nature games and crafts.

Class size is limited to 15 children and pre-registration is suggested to guarantee a spot and to make sure we meet our minimum group size.

Below is a list of the topics we cover:

Odd years                                                                              Even years

Jan:      Wings of Winter                                                    Busy Beavers

Feb:      Groundhog Gets His Say                                     Bears, Bears, Bears

Mar:      Bunny Hop                                                            Meet Mr. Blue Bird

April:    I can help save the Earth!                                  Jeepers, Spring Peepers

May:     Wild About Wildflowers                                     Bird Bonanza             

June:    What’s Wild?                                                         Wild Babies                       

July:     Time with Turtle                                                   What lives in the water?

Aug:      Insect Safari                                                          Leaping Lizards

Sept:     Duck Tails                                                              Majestic Monarchs

Oct:      Itsy Bitsy Spider                                                     Forest Bright, Forest Night

Nov:      Talking Turkey                                                     Falling for Leaves

Dec:      Clever Coyotes                                                       As the Cold Wind Blows