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Our Front Yard

The stroll up the sidewalk to the front door is an example of the natural beauty found in the Ozarks.

We are often asked why we don’t mow the area surrounding our building. Being a nature center, we are in the business of educating the public on how to co-exist with the natural world. So, our front yard is a mix of native prairie/glade forbs, plants, shrubs and grasses that you might find on any glade or prairie in Missouri. The Center is not abandoned, as some would think.

Along with the native plants and habitat come some native birds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. It is not unusual to see a cottontail rabbit, or a small lizard run across the sidewalk. At different times of the year, you may hear the straining call of the red-winged blackbird, or the chirp and whistle of goldfinches and indigo buntings. 

Please come and enjoy the scenery and relax.