Visit Wildcat Glades

Wildcat Glades Trail Guide

Rivers and creeks flow along the entire length of our trail system which is approximately four miles long. Check out the creek station, learn about caves, see Chert bluffs towering 50 feet high, or explore an Ozark woodland along our St. John's Shoal Creek Trail. Our nature trails allow you to enjoy Missouri trees, wildflowers, and a host of birds and animals.

Stop by the center to take a look inside, and pick up your trail map, or print it off below. The trails begin right outside our backdoor with lots to see and experience.

The City of Joplin Metro Trails intersect with the Audubon Center nature trails in Wildcat Park. These are the only portions of the trails where bicycles, joggers and pets are allowed. These trails wind along Shoal Creek, taking you past the Wildcat Spring and the event pavilion.

Follow the St. John;s Shoal Creek Trail to the Historic Redings Mill Bridge. Scenic shoals are the highlight of your stop here. Observers can still see the foundation of the old Redings Mill. Listen to the rushing rapids as youoverlook the creek and keep you eyes open for a belted kingfisher and osprey.

Visit Mother Nature's Gap along the Bluff Trail. An enormous 40-foot split in the chert bed rock is a must see. This rugged trail will take you up a 50-foot chert bluff above teh tree tops overlooking Shoal Creek. This spectacular view is reserved for those able to make the climb. Please be careful. Not recommended for small children.

Visit the Silver Creek pond along the Rotary Centennial Trail. Stop at the overlook and see the unique chert glades or visit the pond observaiton blind for up-close encounters with Missouri Wildlife.

Explore the chert glades along the Rotary Centennial Trail, Bluff Trail and Wildcat Glades Trail. Twenty-seven acres of the best examples of this rare glade habitat are within Wildcat Park. Glades are very dry places with thin soils - Missouri's own deserts. This unique habitat is home to a variety of wildflowers, birds and wildlife.

The St. John's Woodland Loop trail is ADA accessible.

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